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professional drivers will be able to concentrate fully into a game, can not be separated from the support of many, including fleet logistics service, assistance team of technicians, of course, all this also need to have a similar to the "safe harbor" place, that is team base camp, the car in training camp, rest, adjustment of status. All the battle here platoon arms embattle, also here to give the players the most powerful support, this is a how mysterious place? Then toge Retro jordans for sale ther into the BMC team in Belgium, the operational base to explore what. BMC fleet base of a concept store, but more time is a member of the exchange and rest of the site After the concept store is similar to a garage, warehouse, storage space, shunting two.The strategy of truck their course more than one, this one is ready for opened the back door can see, this car usually can also use as a carwarehouse is the most lack of spare ride service BMC enchanting jacket The team cheap jordans online for each member of the extra clothes close to the "nest" reserves "strategic materials", a Coca-Cola and mineral water reactorstacked on the shelves full of energy and energy of the stick, "no worry about eating and drinking" is a true portrayal of professional drivers paintings chronicling Evans wearing the yellow jersey in the tour de France in 2011, Champs Elysees's honor moment is also a wall hanging around Evans's Tour de France yellow jersey to inspire future generati cheap jordan shoes for men ons of Gilbert 2012 world champion road was also framed shirtring Dubai, Paris - nice to change the car, piled up to a full Gilbert of the "nest" inside put a lot of extra clothes, he looks like a clean as a member of the team a large group, the staff also have their own storage pits memo records the team to participate in the big and small game hanging on the wall through the old uniforms, witnessed the development and changes of the teamwarehouse in the release of Ricci & Cheap air jordans for sale middot; Potter in the ring Catalonia on the 1st chariot food is sufficient porridge, the team manager said they will give the team members with the best supply of food capricious, and the parts are so free to put in the box insideNBA have many fan favorite players. They not only superior skills, and handsome looks, such star who can not love it? Perhaps you will because Allen a corner three pointer and then fell in love with him, because Kobe in double teamed under after th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e completion of the jumper and is fascinated, because the roar of the "wolf king" and falling in love with his passion, NBA Ko Toshio, you! 1. Kobe someone said that Kobe is not playing basketball to act, will be red and purple. Kobe's game I don't have to describe. His appearance is actually very handsome, in the league in black hold sway find a handsome guy is actually very not easy. Handsome and will play more is hard to find. Both Kobe, is a masterpiece of god. 2. Wade cheap foamposites Who is Wade, sent the nickname "flash". Used to form a terrorist group with sharks. Is the league's top scoring machine. Wade's appearance is in fact in the black is very handsome, tall and not short 193CM, face contour has a quality. With its elegant temperament, has been named the United States of America's 50 men. 3. Anthony Representatives of a generation of 03. In the League scoring machine, Anthony debut when with a charming smile, and a baby face captured the hearts Cheap air jordan 12 ovo of many fans. A handsome nature of every twinkle and smile. In order to show nice personality. Forever smiling. Like the boy next door in korean. 4. Nash who is Nash? I am afraid that basketball is a circle of people will know that he, the two MVP, 96 representatives of the generation of gold. Sent the nickname "the sun king". Nash not only outstanding skills, extraordinary instrument. Originally with a long hair showing people. With handsome features, and charming temperam cheap jordans for sale mens ent. So many beauties to fell at his feet. He not only basketball and football Technology Alliance Technology is amazing, I am afraid that second to none. So get a lot of football fans love, can be described as a multi habitat star. 5. Iverson AI is what people do not I say we all understand. The smallest number of league. The four time scoring champion. The original 76 absolute leader, who had the core of the nuggets. AI is an earth spirit. Give a person a kind of wild and cheap jordans for sale intractable feeling. A tattoo fashion, a head pigtail is the object of imitation of other stars. Once daring to challenge Jordan. Provoked the people have accused. Once forced to go coach people think he is proud as Lucifer. Is this kind of personality attracted a lot of fans of the personal independence of conduct love. Strong personality is to make people admire. Tracy McGrady 6. rocket leader. The love of Chinese Rockets fans. Once the League scoring. In fact, the appea Retro jordans for sale rance of black players in the McGrady should be a leader. Tall. Comely. Wear both taste, and lead the fashion. Plus a good temper. Almost anything wrong. 〈〉The day before the NikeRunning season for the launch of a new color shoes designer named Nike Free 1, to Free series under the flag of the comfort as can be imagined. The shoes are made of circular plastic materials, and they are integrated into the Flywire flying line technology to make the shoes more stable. From the shape of shoes, it has a good fit with the foot, which is the choice of many friends. At present, the official has not yet released the sale information of the shoes, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.Since entering the playoffs, Dwyane Wade swept away the haze from the day before yesterday, helping the team win twice. The Li-Ning brand has not been idle, he once again launched a full color Li-Ning Way of shoes boots Wade 5 "Denim". The shoes are made of blue tannin cloth, supplemented by a simple white midsole, translucent crystal outsole with luminous attributes, sincerity. 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